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earfully and 


onderfully made



~Psalm 139:4







         oin me on a radical new faith journey through my God-inspired blogs and podcasts. We're ripping off the bandages and cleaning out those old wounds for some much-needed healing. 


This is the place for some faith-based real talk! We're stepping on some toes here, so make sure you wear your steel-toed Louboutins. This is a safe drama! But if that's what you're seeking, then stroll on over to Netflix or Hulu and take in an episode of Virgin River or Love & Hip Hop.


We're live with you on a weekly basis where we can chat through our Members Only space to discuss take-aways from the show or blogs and dig into some current topics, such as: mental health issues, DEI initiatives, family matters, money talk, and of course, Speaking Of My Sistahs where you'll find Proverbs 31 ladies mixed with a little Tupac. This is a radical new space to find encouragement, edification, enlightenment where we'll learn how to navigate on a deeper level through this thing called "life" following our one True North Compass.

If you are not of the Gen X or Baby Boomer generations and need the afore-mentioned translated into your generation's vernacular, please click the appropriate button below.

Of course, Gen Z never follows directions.

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Millennial Translation
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